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About Us

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Welcome to my Studio

Hola Soy,


I fully believe that your vibe attracts your tribe, so I am grateful to have you here. Welcome to PARAISO. 

I founded Studio in 2020; during the global pandemic, I knew that I wanted to do something in the creative field. So I overcame my fear of starting my own business. Having been running my family of flipping houses and property management, I decided to step out and build my design studio. I always knew my passion was building community & designs. I have the heart of a free spirit, and I love to travel and be on the plane. As a little girl, I was always here, there, and everywhere. Having a business that I can run from anywhere is essential to me as a single mom passionate about helping other women create the business and brand of their dream and leave 9 to 5.

Paraiso has allowed me to finally follow my dreams of working from literally anywhere in the world, and I am grateful, for people like you, for believing in me. Together, we will create something so beautiful, and I am so excited. Having found my purpose in helping other women build their purpose, I knew that Paraiso was my purpose. My mom always says to me, “You have found your thing now.” I know, with a whole heart, I can say that I am fuelling my purpose.  

Do you have a dream?  Yes, you say? Perfect, I will be your sister, and we can ride this journey together; I am here for you.

Our Story

Palm Tree Leaves

We want to help you thrive.

Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business. 

                                                              - Steve Forbes

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